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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Yorkers protest American company with connections to Israeli tear gas

The U.S. government gives somewhere around $9 million of military aid to Israel each day.  So it's no surprise that there are U.S. companies with close ties to the Israeli military. Due the rising number of deaths and injuries caused by the Israeli military's misuse and overuse of tear gas, activists are targeting the suppliers of the tear gas, which happen to be US companies. 

My latest post on Waging Nonviolence (and by latest I mean Jan 14th, which goes to show that I have been quite busy since arriving in Palestine, and haven't had much time for this blog) covers a recent NY protest against one of the companies providing Israeli with tear gas canisters, Combined Systems INC.

Go read the entire thing, and sign the petitions too if you want to express your distaste with how your tax dollars are being spent. 

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