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Friday, January 28, 2011

How to stay connected to CPT's work in Palestine

I'm behind on updating this blog. There are only two of us in At-Tuwani at the moment which means that after a incident happens, I am writing a release, uploading and editing video and pictures, and contacting the media. Once that's done and the media has been notified, I usualy feel the need to get away from the computer, especially if I have been translating/editing video. Thus, the timeliness of posts on this blog suffers a bit.  

One remedy is for you to subscribe to the CPT Palestine (actually named cpthebron) email list. After a release goes out to the press, we next send the release to the cpthebron yahoo group email list. By subscribing to this list, you will get updates as quick as we are getting them out.  Follow this link to sign up for the 'cpthebron' yahoo group email list. This will require you to create a yahoo account if you don't have one, but don't fret, you won't be bombarded with yahoo spam. I would say on average we send out 1-2 releases a week on the cpthebron list.

The second remedy is to subscribe to CPTnet, via RSS or email. CPTnet includes releases, analysis, and multimedia from all of the CPT project teams; including: Palestine, Colombia, Canada (First Nations), and Iraq.  

If I knew that you were all subscribed to CPTnet and/or the cpthebron yahoo group, I wouldn't be as concerned about delays in posting to this blog. So, you should go sign up for cpthebron yahoo group to get immedate releases from the CPT teams in Palestine and to alleviate my anxiety.  

This wasn't supposed to be a full post, but it turned into one...

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