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Friday, January 07, 2011

A compelling video which contains 100 other compelling stories

Watch this video, it gave me the chills, it speaks the truth:

It was taken off YouTube for unknown reasons, but was replaced because of dissent to its removal.  Well frankly it wasn't taken off for unknown reasons, YouTube has a long history of restricting videos that challenge empire, especially Israeli empire (a challenge, which of course, gets chalked up to antisemitism).  

At 0:55 there is a picture of a man holding up a piece of paper to a cinder block home, there are Palestinians standing in the cutout window.  I took this photo, and its story deserves to be told.  Residents of At-Tuwani had got some supplies to built some new one-room buildings which would be used to store grain and other supplies.  Soon after they were built, Israeli settlers came in the night and knocked over one of the buildings.  Later, the Israeli civil administration arrived and delivered demolition orders to each of the houses.  Each picture tells 1,000 words, here's the video:


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