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Friday, January 28, 2011

Armed man kills two animals; Escapes to Havat Ma'on settlement

The first day I arrived in at-Tuwani, settlers tried to prevent Palestinian from cultivating their land. The second day, a settler killed two animals belonging to a Palestinian shepherd.  From CPT's release
Two teenage shepherds reported that they were watering their family's flock at a well just above their village when a man running through the area, carrying an M-16, fired four or five shots at the dog which accompanies their flock. The shooter proceeded to chase the flock, kicking a ewe and throwing rocks at its head. The dog died immediately from four gunshot wounds and the incapacitated sheep died approximately two hours after the beating.

One of the most startling things about the incident was how the Israeli Police immediately doubted Mukhamri's account. As Mukhamri explained the details of the shooting, he was using the word 'settler' to describe the assailant. The Police detective immediately interrupted him and and asked him how he knew it wasn't an Arab.  Mukhamri laughed in an irritated tone, and asked the Policeman if he had ever seen a Palestinian civilian with a gun in this area. Mukhamri offered that never in his life had he seen a Palestinian civilian carrying a firearm. Yeah, but how did you KNOW he was an Israeli? Mukhamri proceeded to describe the man's dress, including a yarmulke, which suggested he was Jewish. The description of the man's dress seemed to temporarily assuage the Policeman's doubts.

The dog looked pretty gruesome. It had four gunshot wounds, and the blood was still dripping out of the animals' nose and mouth when we arrived. 

If a man can shoot, without second-thought or regard, an innocent animal with an assault rifle, what else can this man do? If a man can walk up to a pregnant ewe, throw rocks at its head and kick the animal in the face and the stomach, what else can this man do?

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