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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Macy Gray criticizes Israeli policy; asks if she should play in Tel Aviv

Macy Gray is reconsidering the concerts she has planned for Tel Aviv. On Facebook, Gray had the following for her fans:
I'm booked for 2 shows in TelAviv. I'm getting alot of letters from activists urging/begging me to boycott by NOT performing in protest of Apartheid against the Palestinians. What the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians is disgusting, but I wana go. I gotta lotta fans there I dont want to cancel on and I dont know how my NOT going changes anything. What do you think? Stay or go?
Before we go any further, this if fantastic. BDS opponents love to suggest that BDS stifles debate, but on the contrary, BDS fosters debate, and this is exhibit A. It's also noteworthy that Macy Gray clearly states her negative views of Israeli government policies. What the Israeli government is doing to Palestinians is, in fact, 'disgusting.' Well said, Macy. 

Macy Gray's post went up on Monday and the feedback was sparse but largely supportive of her Tel Aviv concerts.  The feedback significantly picked up today (January 19th) and took an overwhelming turn towards asking Gray NOT to perform in Tel Aviv. Go read the responses for yourself, and more importantly, give Macy Gray your two cents.   

Note: You'll have to 'like' Gray's main page before you comment on the Tel Aviv concerts. 

(h/t to @ibnezra 's tweet)

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