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Friday, January 07, 2011

Killing of Palestinian sparks protests by Israeli peace activists

I neglected to post my latest piece here on my blog.  In it I covered the killing of a Palestinian nonviolent demonstrator, Jawaher Abu Rahma.  Jawaher Abu Rahma was killed by gross amounts of teargas fired by Israeli soldiers.  

The post ran on Waging Nonviolence and was picked up by Sojourners.  I was pleased to see Sojourners pick it up. When Sojourners comes up in Google the subtitle for their site is, 'Christians for Peace and Justice.'  And yeah, Christians who care about peace and justice should care about the killing of nonviolent activists struggling for their freedom.  But it's rare that Christian publications pick up things so overtly political.  Right on Sojo.  

I've barely had the time to keep up myself with all the fallout of the Jawaher Abu Rahma killing.  Following the incident the IDF tried to say that Jawaher wasn't even present at the protest, then they said she had a pre-existing condition, then she had cancer, then she didn't even die at the hospital like Palestinian reports claimed, then they held a session where a bunch of right-wing bloggers crafted a narrative of the death with the help of the IDF in an attempt to counter all of those who actually saw her inhale tear gas at the protest and then watched her die.  Their attempts to cover up their killing of a woman who did nothing wrong, whatsoever, and their denial of the lethal-potential of CS gas (which has been widely abandoned because of its toxicity) is shameful.  

Democracy Now ran a great piece on the IDF's attempt to discount the facts in which they interviewed two Israelis who were at the protest.  A lot of IDF story-shifting countered by activists who presented the facts and the evidence has transpired since the Democracy Now piece, but it still provides a pretty solid summary of the events surround Jawaher Abu Rahma's death.  

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