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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Settlers parade on a former Palestinian thoroughfare

Today I witnessed a parade of Israeli settlers marching down Shuhada Street in Hebron (I have recently posted about Shuhada St. here, here, and here).

Parading settlers are especially annoying and morally egregious when they march on Shuhada St, formerly a Palestinian thoroughfare which has been closed to all Palestinians. Any non-Palestinian (international or Israeli) can use the road, subject to a few checks of ID if you aren't clearly Jewish, while Palestinians whose front doors open onto Shuhada St. are not permitted to use the street.

In the video, Note the settlers and their flags (it's clear, based on their dress, that many of these paraders aren't settlers in Hebron -- but are rather on some kind of twisted field trip), the concrete wall and barbed-wire fences put in place on the perpendicular street in order to prevent Palestinian access to Shuhada St., and the soldier on the roof and the soldiers walking in the Muslim cemetery in the distance.

Pretty sickening to think that these out-of-towners are marching on Shuhada Street while Palestinians, who are prohibited from using their front door, are watching from their windows.
Also, here is a video with a little more info on the closure of Shuhada St, in contravention of legal rulings.

See this site for FAQs and more history about Shuhada St.

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