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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Change of Venue

Due to a combination of visa problems (via the Israeli Ministry of Interior) and some work-related meetings, I am in North America. I am in Toronto until August 30th, and will then be headed to California.

The length of my stay stateside is unforeseen because I don't know how my visa situation will pan out precisely. Sadly, I probably won't be returning to Palestine for the next several months because of a temporary prohibition on my return to Israel via the Ministry of Interior.

When I have more details about my plans, I will provide them. Until then, I will continue posting primarily regarding developments (read ongoing human rights abuses and continued violation of international law) in Israel and Palestine.

Posting will be light until September when I am back to a more regular schedule.

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Eric said...

Sam, I am sorry to hear about your unexpected departure. I'm sure you will miss the beautiful people of Palestine and Tuwani. If you find yourself traveling through Nashville, I have a bed for you. In the meantime, I pray you find your way back soon.

Eric Paul