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Friday, August 06, 2010

U.S. State Dept blames demonstrators for getting shot by Israel

The U.S. State Department has issued this kind warning and reminder for me and those fellow U.S. activists in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank:
"Some U.S. citizens involved in demonstrations in the West Bank have sustained serious injuries in confrontations with Israeli settlers and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)," the statement added, saying that the "State Department recommends that U.S. citizens, for their own safety, avoid demonstrations."
Thanks, O government of mine. Glad that the onus is on me to avoid demonstrations because I might end up like Emily Henochowicz (lost an eye), Tristan Anderson (coma), or Rachel Corrie (God rest her soul).

Emily Henochowicz after she was shot in the eye at a protest at Qalandia.

So moral of the story, it's recommended that you stay silent about the apartheid policies and stay far away from activities which call into question the racist fabric of the state of Israel. It's really for your own safety.

Does a small fraction of responsibility not lie with the Israeli occupation forces who have shot people in the face? The onus lies on the person who put their face in front a fast-moving tear gas canister, and not on the soldiers and army which is shooting, injuring, and killing nonviolent protesters?

Is the U.S. really that afraid to stand up to Israel? It's citizens are being killed on ships in international waters and being shot in the face by high-velocity tear gas canisters.

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