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Friday, August 06, 2010

A Boy Begs for his Father to be Released

Demolitions were again carried out in the Baqa'a Valley near Hebron. I was present at 2 of the last 5 demolitions (all within the last 30 days), and saw with my own eyes as Israeli forces coldly ripped out irrigation pipes and destroyed vegetable crops. Here's a reminder:

So this scene was repeated, for the 5th (now I am thinking it might actually be the 6th, but since this stuff never makes English language news, I am being forced to just search my memory) time in 30 days. Israeli forces, with hired laborer,s arrived and began destroying vegetables and taking away the family's ability to access water by removing irrigation systems and destroying cisterns. The family begins to protest and beg for their livelihood to be left alone. In the video above you see those protests resulted in being tear gassed and having the village raided. In the most recent example below, you see a young boy, whose father is being arrested, begging for his "baba" to be released. These are the conditions that young Palestinians are growing up in. It makes me afraid for the future.

"Biddi baba, bidda baba"
I want my daddy, I want my daddy.....Freaking heartbreaking.

The Israeli Border Police released an official statement in response to the video. This response should make you second guess (or better yet, gag a little bit) every time you read a government or military spokesperson line coming out of Israel.
"Instead of the family acting responsibly toward a child and removing him from the situation, they chose to make cheap anti-Israel propaganda, whose sole purpose is to present us in a negative light around the world. As is seen in the pictures, and in order to remove any doubt, the authorities on site acted lawfully against the unacceptable phenomenon of water theft."
If this kid if acting, give him an Oscar. Hell of an acting job, kid.

My God, Border Police, have a freaking soul, the kid's father was being wrestled into the back of a Police jeep.

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