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Monday, August 16, 2010

Israeli soldier mockingly poses in front of blindfolded Palestinians

An Israeli soldier, that has since been discharged from the army, posted pictures to Facebook of her posing in front of detained and blindfolded Palestinians. I can't write extensively about this or cleverly sync all the sources that have covered this today, because frankly, this story makes me sick. It's so Abu Ghraib-esque. Being present myself as Palestinian friends have been detained in a manner similar to this, brings it a little too close to home.

I'd recommend reading Dimi's Notes, one of the first to cover this. He provides good analysis, and gets the photo credit. Also, take a look an Mondoweiss, which has the best one liner about what the photos show, "an army that has forgotten the other's humanity--and has lost its own humanity in the process."

And for your news sources, Haaretz and Ynet have covered it.

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