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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Video: Israeli forces arrest, manhandle young child

Inside the Military Repression of Nabi Saleh: Arrest of Children from Joseph Dana on Vimeo.

From Joseph Dana, who posted the video:
The above is another video from Nabi Saleh, shot a couple of days after the night raids. It was taken on a Tuesday morning after Israeli authorities had completed another house raid. As the army and police were leaving, one police van stops and two border police officers jump out. 11-year-old Kareem Tamimi comes running into the frame, running towards his mother. The camerawoman begins shouting “Child! Child!” in Hebrew to the border police officers to no avail.

The border police officers capture the child, handling him as if he was a fully grown adult. Within seconds he is in the police van and on the way out of the village toward an undisclosed location. His mother’s cries as she slams her hands against the windows of police van are disregarded by the border police officers.

Kareem’s arrest was part of a strategy to apply as much pressure as possible on his 14-year-old brother Islam, who was arrested the previous day in a night raid, in order that Islam will deliver any script that his investigators wanted. The strategy worked, and Kareem was released later the same evening.

After this arrest happened, the army spokespersons unit alerted the media and twitter followers that another ‘wanted suspect’ was taken in for security questioning. They failed to mention that he was an 11-year-old child.
A couple instances in the video are worth translating.

-As Dana says, 'Yalad' is Hebrew for boy. The woman is continually pleading with the Israeli forces, 'yalad zghir, yalad zghir,' meaning, 'he's a young child, he's a young child.'
-0:45 - Woman taping tells at the boy, "hold on to me," while the police are dragging him away.
-1:10 - Policeman begins pushing woman videotaping, she responds, "I'm from B'tselem, I'm from B'tselem," referring to the Israeli human rights organization that places cameras in many Palestinian villagers as a part of their 'Shooting Back' campaign.
-1:50 - Woman yells to those in the distance that they have taken Kareem.
-2:00 - Woman dressed in black runs to car and is imediately shoved away by the aggressive policeman. The woman videotaping tells the policeman that Kareem is her son to explain why she is so eager to get to the van.
-When they open the door to let her speak to her son they keep telling her not to get in the car.

Haunting video. The kid is 11 years old for crying out loud, detained because his village and his family have engaged in a nonviolent resistance movement against the Israeli occupation.  I guess the struggle is proving successful because the oppressors are trying to crush the resistance, and they're resorting to arresting kids and forcing them to give bogus testimony against nonviolence leaders in Nabi Saleh.

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