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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Commerce, life, and culture returning to Hebron Old City

Yesterday marked the celebration of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday. The souq (market) was full of people on their way to the Ibrahimi Mosque for noon prayers.

The Old City of Hebron used to be the vibrant hub of life in the city. Week-long curfews and shop closures by the IDF during the second intifada resulted in the sharp decline of commerce and residency in the Old City. The Old City is now slowly returning to its former glory, despite severe obstacles due to the occupation, thanks to the efforts of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee and international donors.

Here is some video I shot yesterday.  Large crowds gathered outside the mosque after prayers, and they had to pass through Israeli military checkpoints, in the form of turnstiles.  Oh, and I LOVE that Turkish Delight candy, it's delicious.

IDF soldiers detaining young boys near Ibrahimi Mosque

Palestinians are allowed to walk on one side of the road

Turkish delight factory

Selling beans

New Old City Museum opened recently

Ancient plow. Farmer would press down on handle (upper left) and blade would dig in to ground (bottom left)


Anyone know what this is?


Jason Kroening-Roche said...

cool pics and video sam. it's fun to see what life is like for them and for you in a casual daily-life kind of way.

Brit said...

cool vid. just had my first taste of turkish delights in turkey, what what. amazing coconut hazlenut ones are zaki zaki. happy birthday mohammed!