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Friday, May 21, 2010

NGO provides electricity to Palestinian villages

This energy project has provided electricity to many villages in the South Hebron Hills, West Bank.  The project is great simply because it has provided electricity to the villagers in the area.  Additionally, local electrical engineers and laborers were hired to complete the work, providing income and a seeming sense of community support around the project.  

Now we need to move to the political side and challenge the Israeli government for not providing electricity to these villagers who live in area C of the West Bank, which is under full Israeli control.  As the occupying power, Israel is responsible for providing these services.  I am glad the video, if only momentarily, recognizes that humanitarian projects like this electricity project, cannot be divorced from the 'on-the-ground' politics of the occupation.  The occupation has a direct effect on people's ability to access food, land, education, medical treatment, and electricity.   

There is a still a village in the area without electricity because it has been intentionally and systematically denied electricity by the Israeli occupation forces.  The Israeli military has demolished At-Tuwani's attempts to access the electircal grid.  See the video of At-Tuwani's electrical crisis here.  

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