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Sunday, May 30, 2010

From Woodward's War in Context:
Al Jazeera, reporting live from the Freedom Flotilla at 6.30PM Eastern (1.30AM local Monday) said that after having been approached by Israeli navy ships several hours earlier, the flotilla has changed course in order to avoid a confrontation during the hours of darkness. The flotilla’s movements are being monitored by warships and aircraft — observers from the flotilla were not able to tell whether the distant aircraft was a helicopter of a drone.
I heard this confirmed from a passenger on board via a live-streaming feed. The passenger said the boats were taking a more westerly course (Gaza lies southeast of the boats right now) to avoid a confrontation with the Israeli Navy. The Navy has made it clear that they will not allow the ships to port in Gaza, so I think we would all prefer their strong-arming moves to happen in the daylight.

I also echo the thoughts of Helena Cobban regarding the live feed from on board the ship:

10,892 people are currently watching the livestream. This is something new, sophisticated, and fascinating in nonviolent social action.

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