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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Freedom Flotilla in danger in international waters

The Freedom Flotilla is on its way to Gaza. The convoy, which contains 6 boats, less than the original number of boats because 2 boats had mechanical problems. The boats are more than 60 miles away from the 'exclusion zone' which extends about 60 miles off the coast of Gaza (the exclusion zone was recently extended from 20 miles to 60 miles of the coast).

Reminder: These ships are carrying humanitarian and building supplies.

Three Israeli warships have just approached the convoy, in international waters and have communicated with people on the ship through their radio systems. Passengers on the ships have donned their life jackets to be prepared for the worst case scenario. The last convoy that attempted to approach Gaza was rammed by an Israeli Navy warship. There are two live feeds, which at the current moment have become one. but I am still monitoring them both. and

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