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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A moral giant in Palestine remains behind bars

Check out my post over at Waging Nonviolence.  The focus of Waging Nonviolence is "is the use of nonviolent methods—such as strikes, boycotts, or sit-ins—by people around the world everyday in their struggles for justice, often under the most difficult of circumstances." 

I will hopefully be contributing regularly to Waging Nonviolence, but will continue to post links on this blog to posts I write for Waging Nonviolence

Here's a short excerpt, but I encourage you to read my full post:
Abu Rahma remains in prison because of his moral courage and his determined and persistent nonviolent resistance to the takeover of his land resulting from Israeli policies. Israel considers Abu Rahma a dangerous man because he stood face-to-face with occupying soldiers and demanded that they use their brains, pick up books instead of guns, and provide a justification for their actions.

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