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Monday, November 29, 2010

The boycott of Sabra hummus gains momentum

Another piece of mine is up over at Waging Nonviolence.  It covers the growing pressure against the Strauss Group, an Israeli company that owns Sabra hummus, the largest manufacturer of hummus in the world.  Strauss Group has strong connections with human rights abuses, hence, the reason for the post.   

This hummus is everywhere, most certainly at a grocery store near you, so yes, this does pertain to you.  

Go check out my piece at Waging Nonviolence and sign the petition which is at the bottom of the WN post. 

Also, in the post, there is a really entertaining video of people dancing in a grocery store accompanied by Lady Gaga music.  That's right, I am here to cater to all of my readers: the human rights activists, and the pop culture fiends, not that you can't be both. 

UPDATE: The piece also got picked up by the Indypendent, a online/print progressive newspaper based in New York.  Check it out here. (It's the same thing as the post at Waging Nonviolence, but we might as well spread the (hits) love around, right?)

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