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Thursday, November 11, 2010

You won't get impunity at ASU

This is happening more and more often.  There is a renewed hasbara (the Hebrew word for public relations) campaign sweeping across the United States, that includes sending IDF soldiers to U.S. university campuses.  These ASU students won't stand for it.  Looks like these ASU students modeled their protest on a U of Michigan protest a few weeks ago.   

Hearing the speaker at a total loss for whether or not to address what is happening in the room is just priceless. 


andimariep said...

unfortunately can't watch it in canada, sony has it blocked. :(

Samuel Nichols said...

Really? I wonder why this video specifically. Does this happen a lot? YouTube has well-earned reputation for taking down 'controversial' videos, especially as they are asked to by people in powerful positions and institutions.