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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Video: Israeli Police ransack Palestinian homes

On the 31st of March, Israeli Police ransacked Palestinian homes and damaged household goods in the village of Tuba. See the full details and photos here.

I shot and edited this video and during the incident I was within 20 meters of the homes that were being tossed and the people who were being interrogated. The Police refused to let me speak with the residents or approach the homes.

Notice the inconsistency in the police's story about why they were there, notice how there were nearly 20 police in a village of 40 people, notice how jacked up the houses are, notice how police looked for sheep between mattresses and in a nuts/bolts drawer, notice how the police said there were footprints leading to Tuba, (fyi -people don't have cars in Tuba, so they walk a lot, and the path between the settlement and Tuba is the one that schoolkids walk everyday, so yeah, it makes sense there would be footprints, even though it's so rocky Bear Grylls couldn't track anyone). Notice the absurdity.

If Israeli police did this in a Jewish home in Tel Aviv, it would be on Israel's nightly news. Instead it happened to Palestinians and no one gave a rip. The Tuba residents were just thankful no one got beaten up or arrested, like last time.


Anonymous said...

March 1? But I read the news release. It happened on March 31, no?

Samuel Nichols said...

You are so right. Damn. That's what happens when you look at the same video footage over and over again.