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Friday, April 09, 2010

Photos: School Opening in Al-Fakheit

Here are some photos from the official opening of the school in Al-Fakheit. Keep reading for more background on the school.

A school in a very rural community, south at At-Tuwani, and nearly 1km from the border with Israel, is in it's first year of operation. CPT provides daily accompaniment for the vehicle which transports some of the teachers and students because the army routinely patrols the area in an attempt to prohibit Palestinian workers from crossing the border.

Several months ago, the car used to transport the kids and teachers was confiscated and subsequently destroyed by the army, meanwhile the teachers and students were forced to walk home. Nonetheless, the school doors (the buildings are actually tents) stay open, a new vehicle transports the teachers and kids, and people are committed to staying on the land and providing education for the children.

Also, the road that takes you to Al-Fakheit takes about an hour, even thought it's about 2 miles, and it takes probably a year off your projected lifespan.

See a previous post for more info.

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