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Sunday, April 04, 2010 least we know what they REALLY think.

I am recreating (because I don't have a scanner) an advertisement that ran in the special Pesach (Passover) section of the Israeli daily Haaretz this morning. The map is an approximation to the map that appeared in the ad. Israel was distinguished from all the Arab states, as is done in the map below.


Look at the map above.
  • Does it appear to you that Israel has too much land and the Arabs not enough?!
  • Which Arab land is Israel occupying?
  • Do you know that the Arabs occupy a land mass of 5,300,000 square miles?
  • Did you know that Israel occupies a mere 10,801 square miles including The Golan, Judea and Samaria (before relinquishing Gaza)?
Again and again, there is no room for two viable states on our land.

Again and again, the land of Israel is Jewish land, not Arab land, Israel does not owe the Arabs yet another state within its borders.

Only a strong, vigilant and viable Israel behind secure and defensive borders including the Golan, Judea and Samaria will survive in this volatile and violent region.

Stop the Big Lie of Arab propaganda against our people and our state!

The demographic scare is just that, a scare and part of the Big Lie. Only those unfamiliar with Jewish history on our land and international law would swallow the Big Lie.

The "Peace Process" is a trap and must be stopped now!

Wishing All Am Israel a Hag Sameah

Ed. Note: I think I might a write a bit of analysis, and by that I mean truth, once my blood pressure goes down. Oh, and I forgot to post the URL for the authors of this lovely ad,

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