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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Suffocation of Palestinian East Jerusalem

A great map from the NY Times showing the ongoing ethnic carving of Jerusalem (hat tip to Mondoweiss). Note the barrier of the wall, which seeks to include as many Jewish areas as possible and to exclude as many Palestinian areas as possible. Also note the Jewish perimeter of settlements which is being built in an attempt to surround Palestinian east Jerusalem. Note the extent to which Bethlehem has been separated from Jerusalem through use of settlements and the separation barrier. There have also been statements made and documents released which demonstrates the intent to connect the Jewish settlements to the east of Jerusalem (Maale Adummim and Mishor Adummim) to the settlements in Jericho (which lies due east of Jerusalem, on the border with Jordan). If this plan would ever completed, it would sever the north half of the West Bank from the south half. Bantustans people, bantustans.

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