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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cornel West and the 'Friendly Empire'

Cornel West is interviewed on Al Jazeera's Fault Lines. Cornel West is simply, the man. He is a preacher, performer, and professor. He speaks here about US Foreign Policy, Obama, economic policy, Gaza, settlements, Rush Limbaugh, and Jim Crow.

Here are some stellar quotes, in an effort to convince you to watch the video. My friend, Ryan, was watching this with me and said it well, "Cornel is the man because he doesn't have to think before he says something that sounds 'cool' and 'brilliant.' Most people can do one of those, but not both." Well said.

*You still have an empire in place, it may be a friendly empire, instead of an unfriendly empire. (Speaking of Obama administration v. Bush administration)

*I hate the deed and love the doer, I am a Christian so I forgive people, even gangsters, you know what I mean. But I keep track of gangster activity. But when it comes to me I draw the line, cause I am a Jesus loving free black man, and I draw the line.

*Human being are precious, I don't care who they are.

*You see brother Rush Limbaugh, why do I call him a brother? Well he's still a brother, but you gotta keep that brother close cause he is Dangerous!

*MLK has been deoderized, sanitized, and sterilized by the right wing and neoliberals to such a degree that his militancy is downplayed. Martin never even used the word colorblind, he wanted us to be lovestruck. You see, I am part of the legacy of Martin King, I don't want to be colorblind, you can't love somebody if you don't know what color they are, you can't love 'em if you don't know what gender they are, you can't love somebody if you don't know what their bodies look like. To be lovestruck is to embrace who they are, to embrace the best of their culture, the best of the history, and their heritage.

*All human bodies come in cultures, in genders, in colors, in civilizations, and we have to be able to embrace.

*Justice is what love looks like in public.

*Now we are going to engage Israel in regard to settlements in ways that we didn't before...well you are still silent about Gaza, where 500 precious Palestinians were mercilessly massacred before Obama said a word. Now the whole word knows that if those were 500 precious Jewish brothers and sisters, would Obama have said anything about it?...the NEXT second he heard about it!

*Now I believe that precious Jewish brothers and sisters and precious Palestinian brothers and sisters have the EXACT same value. (He goes on to say that is the humanist position and the Christian position)

*In the end, those with cannons can speak last...for the moment. But for those of us who want a change but do not have the potency, power, and efficacy at the moment to change things, then all we have is words, all we can do is lift our voices. I come from a blues people, our anthem is, “lift EVERY voice.”

The whole thing is great. If you just want the middle east discussion, it picks up around 17:00.

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