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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter to you Palestinian Christians

So this is how the Israel military decides to celebrate Pesach (Passover)...sick.
For the week of Passover, Israel has enforced a closure on the entire West Bank. Until next Tuesday (April 6), very few Palestinians can enter Jerusalem, including Palestinian Christians hoping to participate in Holy Week and Easter activities. We pray for freedom of movement and freedom of worship for the many people who are still denied both.
Al Jazeera reports:
Israel has curbed travel from the occupied West Bank and restricted access to the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem as Jews observe the week-long Passover holiday.
Also, if you are a man under 50, and Arab, you are probably a terrorist, especially if its Passover:

"In addition to the closure of the West Bank, which starts on Monday and ends on April 6, entrance to the Old City is denied to Palestinian men under the age of 50."

Police did not say when the restrictions would be lifted.

Authorities have also tightened restrictions on access to Israel from the occupied West Bank, closing checkpoints to general traffic, with exceptions for medical cases, humanitarian aid, and professionals and students with permits.

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Julia said...

how sad! my prayers are with the people of Palestine.