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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pulled from his bed and beaten; 10 years old

A harrowing story from the Old City of Hebron. A 10 year old boy was pulled from his bed and beaten. I ate dinner with a women a week ago whose 14 year-old son will serve 3-6 months in prison for allegedly throwing a stone, even though witnesses testify that he did not throw anything. These incidents are not rare in a place like Hebron, in fact they are part and parcel to the occupation. Being interviewed after his beating, Amir sent a message to American children (see the full article):

"We are kids, just like you. We have the right to play, to move freely. I want to tell the world that there are so many kids inside the Israeli jails. We just want to have freedom of movement, the freedom to play." Amir said that he wants to be a heart surgeon when he grows up. His mother and father told me that they hope Amir's own heart -- and theirs -- heals from last week's repetitive and cumulative trauma at the hands of the interminable Israeli occupation.


Heather said...

Sam, thanks for being so diligent in updating your blow, its unfortunate (to say the least) how often you are able to update us with stories of terriosm and intimidation. Nonetheless thank you for sharing your experiences.

Heather said...

Oh sorry, by "blow" I meant blog. Ooops.

Samuel Nichols said...

Thanks Heather. Thanks for reading, it gives me the needed encouragement to keep posting and keep writing.