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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Netanyahu Moving Forward the 'Peace Plan'

I had grand dreams of writing a scathing review of Benjamin Netanyahu's, the Israeli prime minister, speech on peace between Israel and Palestine. (See key points of the speech here from the Washington Post)

But, my preparation for traveling and my travel prohibited me from writing a timely review. Thankfully, Ali Abunimah, from the Electronic Intifada, wrote a great article about Netanyahu's speech. (See article)

Obama praised the speech as an important step forward in the peace process. This is politic-speak. It's bogus. Netanyahu's plan is a road towards eternal conflict Netanyahu's plan for peace is maximum land for Israel, erasing the history of 700,000 Palestinians being ethnically cleansed from the land, removing Palestinians from Jerusalem, and pretending 20% of Israel's population is not Palestinian, among other brilliant points. His plan is to continue apartheid in order to ensure Israeli security.