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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crazy Zionist Graphic Design

As a rode the bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, I saw interesting posters.

The second poster was worse:


Wow, shocking. Obama, from Cairo on June 4, seemed to call for more dialogue between the West and the Arab world, and seemed to only ask Israel to stop expanding current settlements. This is the same rhetoric that Condoleeza Rice used during the last 8 years, that is, settlement expansion is not helpful to the peace process. There was no challenge made to the currently existing West Bank settlements, illegal under international law, which house half a million Israelis.

Nonetheless, despite Obama's unabashedly supportive tone towards Israel, these posters can be seen around Jerusalem, as well as near settlements in the South Hebron Hills. A new poll also shows that 6% of Israelis feel that Obama's policies are pro-Israel. Although these posters may be the work of extreme Zionists, the general opinion that Obama is anti-Israel is not a minority opinion. I can't imagine what people might call Obama if he actually critiques Israel, or stops giving Israel $15 million a day.