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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The U.S. is building another (illegal) wall

U.S.-Mexico wall, Israel-Palestine wall, Egypt-Gaza wall......thanks United States government and United States Army Corps of Engineers.

The collusion between Egypt and the U.S. to build a wall separating Egypt from Gaza not only threatens Gazans' health and quality of life, already severely deteriorated by the de facto Israeli blockade, it is a serious violation of international law.

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, Egypt is installing an underground metal wall 70-100 feet deep along the border strip where Palestinians have dug a maze-like set of tunnels to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The construction of the wall, carried out with the collaboration of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, has been denied by the Egyptian government.

Although Israel claims that the tunnels are used to supply militants of Hamas with explosives and arms, the main function of the tunnels is for the transfer of food and medicines to the severely deprived Palestinian population in Gaza. The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip has gone as far as barring the import of flour and other basic food into the coastal enclave.

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