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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quote of the Week: Vol 9

Zvi Bar'el writing for Haaretz, says that there is fuel, but no spark, for a third intifada (meaning uprising in Arabic).

Bar'el goes on to nearly equate the intifada with suicide bombings. Bar'el fears that if things don't change soon then suicide bombings will once again be used against Israel. Speaking of the 'fuel' that is there for the third intifada, Bar'el says:
The causes for the previous intifadas still exist: the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are going nowhere; the national aspiration to establish an independent Palestinian state is not being realized, whether because there is no negotiating partner in Israel or because the Palestinian leadership is incapable of making practical decisions; and the economic situation, while it has improved, is still far from providing the standard of living the Palestinians expect or the income level that was the norm in the territories before the second intifada.
But not the occupation right? Some of these reasons are valid points of discontent for Palestinians, but the daily humiliation and strangulation of the occupation is what drives people to respond. Bar'el touches upon elements of the occupation later in his column, but his initial explanation of the causes of the first two intifadas isn't fully accurate. If land wasn't being stolen, if student visas weren't being denied, if goods were flowing in and out of Gaza, if the occupation wasn't in your face each day, suicide bombings wouldn't be on the news, because they wouldn't exist.