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Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

Today is a national holiday in the United States, despite the fact that Columbus never set foot on the land that is now called the United States of America, we celebrate Columbus.

Here are two pieces I found interesting which shed some light on this day that the U.S. remembers Christopher Columbus. Excerpts are included.

Why Celebrate Columbus Day? - by Randy Wooley
"The accomplishments of the people who were here prior to their arrival should be celebrated and memorialized along with those who came here later. If Woody Guthrie was right, “this land was made for you and me.” Why can’t we share it together?"

A Columbus Day Meditation - As Nobel Laureate Obama Decides Whether to 'Conquer' Thom Hartmann

"These are all dimensions, after all, of our history of patriarchy, hierarchy, and slavery, which we celebrate on Columbus Day. But if we wake up, and we help the world wake up, they need not be our future.

Let's hope that President Obama brings the wisdom and intellect he has so often displayed to all of these issues, particularly (on this day) the ones that can bring about or further disrupt peace in this world."