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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Settlers Use Slingshots Against Palestinians

I shot and edited this video, I can account for its credibility. Settlers chased Palestinians off Palestinian land and then threw stones with slingshots at the Palestinians and internationals. These Palestinian shepherds are not trying to be provocative or antagonistic, but are simply trying to graze their flocks on land where there is food.

If Palestinians were caught on video, chasing settlers and slinging rocks at them in order to chase them off the land; well, they would certainly be arrested. Palestinians are often arrested for much less. In fact, when Palestinian children in At-Tuwani (where this video was shot) were recently accused of snacking on some cherries from a settler orchard, settlers came into the village with M-16s and said that anyone caught stealing cherries would be shot.

Palestinians are prosecuted for throwing stones, and thus, Israeli settlers from Havat Ma'on should be prosecuted for throwing stones, in addition to their crimes of beating children, stealing land, and building illegal settlements.