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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Burn a Quran on 9/11

This is the kind of crap I am talking about. More to say later after I gather my thoughts and lay down so I don't faint.


Anonymous said...

Put your energies into something that's going to make a difference, Samuel! Check out the Gospel! Romans 1:16-17.
Barak Aviv

Samuel Nichols said...

I would hope that putting my energy into working against hate, by exposing hateful ideologies that will lead to violence, for example, burning a Quran, I am making a difference.

Better that than putting my energy into hating people and burning the Quran which will all spiral into a cycle of violence.

Sergio Salgado said...

This one is mind blowing. How could we ask the Muslim/Arab world not think badly of all Americans, Christians, etc... based on this kind of action. When our country thinks badly of an entire religious group based on the actions of Islamic fundamentalist and their actions.