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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another claim that Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance is Ignored

Edith Garwood at Amnesty International asks the world (read Bono, Kristof, and Obama) to recognize Palestinian NV resistance. Read the full article, see an excerpt here:

The presumption that the Palestinian struggle is mainly violent is disturbing. And the dismissal of the people who have sacrificed time, money and even their lives to fight injustice with nonviolence is callous.

Navigating children through militarized
checkpoints, attempting to harvest crops while being attacked by Israeli settlers and living in a tent near the home recently taken over by settlers are all forms of nonviolence resistance or as the Palestinians call it "sumoud" or "steadfastness".

Bono, Kristof and President Obama should not discount the millions of Palestinians who are struggling against daily obstacles peacefully. Nonviolence resistance in addition to protests includes blogging, boycotts, and creating youtube videos.

It would benefit Bono, Kristof and President Obama to take the time to learn about Palestinian history and meet some of the living Palestinian and Israeli Gandhi's, MLK's and Aung San Suu Kyi's active today.

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