Do Unto Others focuses on the Middle East, (nonviolent) social movements, and how I make sense of my place in the world. I'm currently based in Cairo, Egypt doing peacebuilding and community development.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

There Has to Be a Method to My Madness

As I began to think about how to best recount some of the stories and events from my trip to the West Bank, my palms started to get sweaty. There's SO much information, and not only that, but so much history and current policy that needs to be explained so you can get the full picture of what's happening in the West Bank. Frankly, I don't think that's feasible over a blog, to give you the ENTIRE picture.

Instead, what I will do, is provide snapshots. This may involve telling stories of people we met, or organizations we learned about, or policies aimed at Palestinian people that we encountered on a personal level. On the next several weeks, most of my posts will be these snapshots. Feel free to do your own research, or contact me, to fill in the holes. I will also post some links to sites that have good information on the occupation of the West Bank.