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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Rant...

It really bugs me when people believe that they somehow have more worth than someone else because of where they are born. The illegal immigration issue came up this morning on the radio. As usually, there were various opinions on the issue. One man called in and proceeded to talk about all “these illegals.” To paraphrase, he said that “all these illegals are sneaking into this country and stealing all the jobs in the construction business. It’s ridiculous because all the employers ask you whether you have a criminal record, not whether you have the papers to be in this country. And since I have a record I can’t get a construction job, but all these illegals can. That’s the border’s fault man. If they could keep all these illegals out of this country, then I could get a job.”

I don’t even want to respond to that, it doesn’t deserve a legitimate response.