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Friday, May 27, 2011

My absence and Saudi women campaigning for the right to drive

No post in the last two weeks, that must set some kind of recent record for me.

I've still been reading and staying up on as much Israel, Palestine, and Arab Spring news as I can, I just haven't gotten around to writing much.

I find myself getting into a pattern of posting lots of links, and sentence or paragraph commentary, to facebook and twitter. Check out my twitter feed for more of that, or friend me on facebook. There's so much good reporting, analysis, and commentary out there I often feel I don't have much to contribute, especially when I don't have current first-hand accounts from the West Bank. But alas, I get around to writing every now and then.

My latest is at Waging Nonviolence. Here's the opener.
Saudi women have started a right-to-drive campaign that has quickly garnered the attention of the international media as well as the concern of conservative Saudi Arabian authorities. The organizers of Women2Drive had began encouraging women to take to the streets en masse, behind the wheel, on June 17 in defiance of a religious edict, fatwa, forbidding women to drive automobiles. A figurehead of the movement, Manal al-Sharif, was detained and released on Saturday and then arrested on Sunday by Saudi police shortly after she posted a video of herself driving a vehicle.
Here's lies the link.

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