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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An update and a plea

I just arrived in Chicago. I will be here until the week before Christmas.

The plan, before the Israeli Ministry of Interior derailed it, was to return to Palestine right about now. Unfortunately, I am not able to get another Israeli tourist visa until January (maybe never given that I am writing this "on the record" for blogosphere). So, I am going to be based out of our office in Chicago for the next two months. I will still be blogging here, hopefully often since I will be exclusively focused on CPT Palestine communications work. I will be focusing on improving the Palestine section of the CPT website, expanding our communications through various internet channels, and myriad other things. In short, I will be working (from the technology side) on how to tell the stories. Those of us on the ground are hearing the stories, so we need to get those stories out to you all, so that we can all work on changing the unjust realities on the ground.

After wrapping things up in Chicago, I will be home for Christmas, and then off to Palestine in January.

Secondly, and more importantly, CPT has felt the crunch of the worldwide economic recession. All of our projects are unfortunately headed down the path of becoming short-staffed. The At-Tuwani project, which I covered for the last two years on this blog, is currently short-staffed and under-funded.

For the first six months of this fiscal year, donations have dropped more than 23% when compared with last year's income during that period. That's a shortfall of more than $77,000.

To continue the work we are currently doing we need your support. Click here to make a donation, or make a donation on our Facebook page, if you prefer.

Also, an important note. One of CPT's longtime supporters has agreed to match all donations, dollar for dollar, that are made between now and the end of October (with a limit of $5,000). So anything you can give would be excellent, your $10 becomes $20 or your $100 becomes $200.

Thanks so much.

Your donation goes to a lot of things, but it pretty much comes down to trying to give these girls a better life, a fraction of hope for their future.

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