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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Militant Jewish Settler Movement (starring our friend Yehoshafat)

This video is alarming on many levels. Noteworthy is the fact that most of the settlers interviewed in the video are from the Hebron region, where I work, which is where most of these ideologically-driven settlers are located.

Also, Yehoshafat Tor, who makes an appearance in the first several minutes, lives in Havat Ma'on, approximately 2km from my house. Yehoshafat has beaten up young Palestinian children whom I know, routinely pranced around the area with his M-16, and made death threats against my friend Sean. He continues to be protected by the Israeli army and has never been arrested by the Police, despite the dozens of photos and videos that we have of him doing illegal and egregious things. All the Palestinians in the area know Yehoshafat by name, probably because most of them have been chased or shot by this thug.

Frightening stuff, really frightening. The part about the distance of an M-16 bullet serving the purpose of a fence is chilling.

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