Do Unto Others focuses on the Middle East, (nonviolent) social movements, and how I make sense of my place in the world. I'm currently based in Cairo, Egypt doing peacebuilding and community development.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paraphrase of the Week: July 26

Atallah, a Palestinian refugee living in Bethlehem:

People try to frame Arafat's refusal of a peace agreement as a grave mistake. This is not accurate. Arafat rejected an agreement which would have given away more than 80% of the historic land of Palestine, and would have also forgotten about some 6 million Palestinian refugees. According to the proposed plan, those refugees would have never had a chance to return to their land, a right of return guaranteed by international law. Arafat's rejection of this agreement in fact saved the lives and saved the hopes of millions of Palestinian refugees living around the world.