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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Phirst Palestine Post

You like that forced alliteration? I knew you would. (You can tell I am severely sleep deprived, based on the fact that I even thought of that alliteration.)

So I am posting from Palestine. I arrived yesterday in Israel yesterday and successfully passed through security. I spent the night in Jerusalem at the Hebron Youth Hostel, a quality place for 30 shekels (8 bucks). I was dead tired around 8pm, from having only briefly napped uncomfortably on a plane in the last 30 hours, so I headed to bed, only to wake up at 3am. So I laid in bed and listened to music for a few hours.

I attended the Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem this morning, a Lutheran church with an English speaking congregation. It's always a neat place to go because there are a lot of North Americans working in Israel and the West Bank for worthy causes that attend that church. Mennonite Central Committee, Ecumenical Accompaniment Palestine Project, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Sabeel, and so on, were all represented this morning at church.

After a schwerma (lamb, pickles, arabic salad and other goodies in a pita) we got on a bus to Hebron. Later this afternoon, I am headed down to At-Tuwani, my new home. I'll be happy to arrive because it means I will be done traveling for a little while.

I was sorry that the Cubs got swept. My condolences go out to all Cubs fans. Nate, I hope you can have some healthy grieving moments. Oh and, Go Chargers.